About us

Tech for rally is a company that develops products for rally vehicles - mainly focused on bikes. All story has started in 2019. Since then, our first product (tripmaster) has been developed and tested, and all this experiencing culminated in one device - RallyMasterSG. Satellite and wheel sensor based unit, equipped with classic pure & bright segment display with specific design. We are proud that our customers are happy with our products for a long time. We also contiune in our development and new product will come soon.

Prepared in a compact package

We care how our products are packed and stored. Therefore we put our RallyMasterSG into closed cell foam, where our unit is strongly fixed and secured against any damages.

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This tripmaster contains many functions specific for rally riding.

Compact & Compatible design for rally brackets and towers
big 4 digits in combination WITH 5th small DIGIT give you everything what you need to see during the stage
cable connectivity with aftermarket remote buttons, power boxes OR WHEEL SENSORS

Focus on rally riding

The Rally Master SG is device developed by a motorcycle rider for pure rally purpose. The display communicates everything in direct way and as clean as possible. 

GNSS and wheel sensor

Device is using GNSS constellations and the wheel sensor for a rally navigation. Using external gnss antenna improves the reception quality. This GNSS receiver is professional grade receiver with one meter-level accuracy and supports concurrent reception of four GNSS systems (GPS, Glonass, Gallileo and Beidou together).

Ruggle design

Whole unit is very durable thanks to the aluminium body with thick walls. The display is protected by a glass lens that has high impact protection against the crack. Surface is made of  anodized aluminium available in two colors - jet black or ocean blue.

Built-in buttons

You can control this unit from its both sides (left or right), because it contains 3-buttons on each side (same layout as on aftermarket remote buttons). This feature is helpful when you use your tripmaster too close to each other. For easy switching between the modes, there is one center button dedicated for one finger control. The up and down buttons are for setting the trip and many other functions.

Cable compatibility

There are 4 cables on the back side for connecting the power, remote buttons, gnss receiver and wheel sensor. All cables have durable insulation and M8 connectors and are compatible for using aftermarket remote buttons, wheel sensors, or powering devices.

LCD display

The display is segment display with large main four digits for showing the data, but also includes one 5th smaller digit for showing the trip with 100.00 resolution. Helping icons are for clear detection what source is your trip based on, or what mode are seeing. This display is developed for using and reading it under the direct sunlight, but also contains yellow LED back light for using in the dark stages. Technology behind the LCD in combination with front lens made from a glass is making perfect setup for wide viewing angle and readability under the sunlight. Flat front design is also making the sense - easy clean up your screen from the mud.

GNSS receiver

External receiver GNSS is professional grade receiver with one meter-level
accuracy and supports concurrent reception of four GNSS systems. The high number of visible satellites enables the receiver to select the best signals. This maximizes the position accuracy, in particular under challenging conditions such as in rally stages. The possibility to mount the receiver on the top of the rally tower or the roof maximizes the signal receiving strength. The cable length is 0.5m. If you need longer cable, you can use M8 4pin cable extension.

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Software updates:

V2.23 - this update brings optimalization in speed of data processing from the receiver, satellite trip balancing, minor corrections in main and setup menu, corrections in timers, more balanced battery consuption, added resets from built in buttons, backlight setup corrections.
For updating, please contact us on info@tech4rally.eu